About Us

People Power Recruitment is the PEOPLE’S recruitment agency! Our biggest company values are our honesty and transparency and the happiness and wellbeing of our temporary workers. We have often heard recruitment agencies described with words such as ‘greedy’, ‘slimy’, ‘money grabbing’, and ‘exploitative’. People Power Recruitment aims to alter the reputation of temporary recruitment. We prefer to hear ourselves described with words such as ‘caring’, ‘honest’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘helpful’.

We will simply not deal with clients who do not treat our temporary workers in a manner that we deem to be acceptable. People should never dread going to work and we believe that work should be a happy place where workers are rewarded for hard work, dedication and loyalty through fair pay, opportunities and simple praise and nice words.

Where possible, People Power Recruitment does not have a set pay structure. We prefer to negotiate our rates of pay on a job by job basis and we will agree on a pay rate that matches the needs of the worker with the role being performed. Workers who are more experienced and have proven themselves to be reliable, loyal and hard working will receive pay increases.

We believe that clients should be aware of exactly how much money we are paying our staff and how much money we are making out of each placement. We are 100% transparent with all of our charge rates. If a client wants to guarantee a worker who is a perfect fit for their role as well as being trustworthy and reliable, we believe that they should be prepared to pay that worker the wage that they deserve.

This unique pricing structure does not necessarily mean that we are more expensive that other agencies, but it does mean that our clients will know exactly where their money is going and will ensure that our clients are getting the best possible value for their money.

We also like to reduce our margin for high volume bookings and longer term bookings rather than having a set rate as this will encourage our clients to offer us and our workers the higher value bookings.

Another factor that sets us apart from other agencies is our enthusiasm for clients to offer our workers permanent contracts. We are more than happy to encourage our clients to take on any of our workers through a temp to perm agreement with NO FEE at the end of this period.


Our managing director has worked for large corporate recruitment agencies in the past and there were so many things that he hated about these companies that he decided to create his vision of the perfect recruitment agency.

We are a forward thinking company which puts the happiness of our agency workers and our internal employees at the forefront of everything that we do.

We understand that recruitment is a sales industry, and we believe that in order to achieve the best possible results, your employees must buy into your company values and feel happy and relaxed at work.

We have a fun, vibrant, energetic office and we encourage creativity and career progression within our internal staff.

There is no dress code in our office, dogs are welcome to join their owners at work. Our employees regularly socialise outside of work and they are all dedicated to growing within the company and helping People Power to reach the highest possible heights buy spreading our mission to make the world of recruitment a fairer place for all involved.

If you think you would fit into our culture, why not email your CV to info@pprec.co.uk and we will consider you for any internal vacancies.


Do you provide agency staff at short notice?

Yes. We take bookings 24/7 and will try our best to get someone over to you as soon as possible.

Can you help us to find permanent staff?

Yes. We have a huge database of driving, industrial and catering staff and we can also advertise your roles for you and provide you with a shortlist of suitable applicants.

Can we offer one of your agency workers a permanent contract?

Yes. If you are impressed with a member of our staff and wish to offer them a permanent role, please contact us and we will discuss your options.

Do you pay weekly?

Yes, all of our agency workers are paid weekly.

How do I know that you are legally compliant?

People Power Recruitment is a certified member of REC (The Recruitment and Employment Confederation). In order to promote REC membership, agencies must prove that they are legally compliant and adhere to the high standards of REC.

Do you take on LTD company workers?

Yes we do.

Why should I choose to work for People Power?

Why should I choose to work for People Power? Unlike many other agencies, People Power puts the needs of their agency workers first. We will only deal with clients who treat our workers with the same degree of respect that we would wish to be treated with. We like to reward our temporary workers for professionalism, loyalty and good performance. Our principle is that if our workers are happy with us, that will reflect well on us and help us to grow our client base.